You all know from my rant a few weeks back that one of my big pet peeves in business is when a merchant makes it difficult to pay them.

As small business owners we recognize the need to make the payment process easy, and being able to accept many forms of payment is critical. That usually means not only accepting cash and cheques, but credit cards from your customers as well. Finding the right credit card terminal to accept credit can be a daunting task, especially since that process usually falls outside our areas of expertise. There seems to be an endless myriad of plans, programs, and processing solutions, and picking the right one is like a crap shoot for most of us. In our euphoria to give the customer what they want, it is common for small business owners to jump at the first deal we see to get …

Increase Computer Speed Memory by Increasing the Ram (Memory)

Did you know that if you increase the memory on your computer, you can increase the speed? When you try to open a program on your computer, it needs to load itself from the hard drive into the memory. If the memory resources are low because there are too many programs open at the same time, or you have too many programs on your computer, this all takes memory to make things happen. The result will be a computer that runs very slow.

Nobody likes working with a computer that is slow. To have a computer that performs with speed, making the action process happen in 2-5 seconds, it is important to have ample RAM (memory) installed on your computer for computer speed memory. Many of the older computers might have 1 Gigabyte of memory if they are lucky, usually less.