Attending coding bootcamp Provides Bread-and-Butter Income Opportunities for Artistic Types

Many people spend years pursuing a career goal that is difficult for most to make a living from. Acting and music are prime examples. Traditionally, these individuals have done a variety of work to make ends meet, including taking retail jobs, waiting tables and tending bar. Now, with the help of a software coding bootcamp lasting only three months, they have the chance to earn a very good income and still have time to participate in theater productions and perform in clubs with their band.

Job Considerations

Someone who is interested in enrolling in coursework at a school such as Redwood Code Academy will want to determine which kinds of coding jobs are most in demand and perhaps which tend to offer flexible work hours. Band members, for instance, commonly don’t end their night jobs earlier than midnight or 1 a.m. They can’t always expect to be bright and chipper at an 8 a.m. day job.

Current Trends

In 2017, JavaScript and .NET are heavily used, and many organizations can’t find enough qualified applicants. E-commerce businesses, for instance, need software developers to create compelling, user-friendly websites for clients, and they don’t want to make those clients wait. It may seem amazing that a student can learn to master the coding skills required for an entry-level position in only three months of full-time study and practice, but this is a common strategy.

Musicians and Coding

Interestingly, research has found that musicians, in general, seem to pick up software coding relatively easily. While musicians typically are creative and artistic, they combine their talents with meticulousness and methodology. A guitarist or keyboardist may be flamboyant on stage, but playing notes with mathematical precision is essential. Musicians also are skilled at working with patterns in compositions, which may transfer smoothly to coding activities.


With some experience, the coding professional may be able to pick up freelance work online and eventually make that his or her main income gig. That lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it can be well-suited for an artistic type who would like to do software development work on demand when there is free time.