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Why the CDPAP System Is Ideal

CDPAP is defined as a statewide Medicaid program that provides another option when it comes to matters concerning home care service and it stands for Consumer Directed Personal Program. This program gives the consumer control over what kind of care they need and whose is right according to the in performing the care.

I would recommend CDPAP to individuals who have loved ones at home who need a lot of looking after and the cannot be able to do all that while still working for their daily living. It will give the power to choose any suitable individual that you know well and trust and be able to train them how to cater for the needs of your loved one at an agreed reasonable fee. From family members, relatives or friends is where your pic should come from and it has to work for you the best way.

As the consumer you will train your assistant to do various of things for you like bathing, dressing, meal preparation and medication management. You will come to see that this is better than having to hire a home care agency or a vendor who will come and take control of scheduling, selection and training of the aides that will be provided for you and eventually pay a substantial amount of money their services. If you are the consumer you will be able to do this step by step making sure nothing is left out meaning it will be a good job well done because you will not afford to make any mistakes for your own sake.

Persons that are qualified to do such work are supposed to be eligible for those services by being certified by a home health agency, AIDS home care program, a long term program that entails home care or personal care. Despite that they should also have a medical condition that is stable and be self-directing, if not then they should have a designated representative.

In CDPAP the aides are also allowed to perform skill care or if they are not capable then a nurse is to be summoned to do such tasks. Suctioning tracheostomies, medication – maybe the consumer is not able to self-administer, oxygen administration and insulin injections are some of the tasks that need a bit of skill to perform.

More about aides is that they are not employees from a home care agency, they are almost like independent contractors who get paid in wages and get to benefit through fiscal intermediary. Aides get to engage in peer mentoring programs together with designees so that they can be educated into becoming better at their jobs.

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