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The Attributes of the CDPAP System

CDPAP is defined as a statewide Medicaid program that provides another option when it comes to matters concerning home care service and it stands for Consumer Directed Personal Program. In CDPAP is where the consumer is given more control over who is to provide the care and the way they should be able provided it.

If you have a loved one at home who needs to be looked after every time and you cannot be able to do that while still working to make a living for the both of you then CDPAP is the right thing for you. CDPAP gives you power to choose whoever you want and be the one to train them on what you want them to do at a reasonable fee and make sure that they can be trusted by you. This individual can be your family member, relative or friend because it all depends on what works for you.

Meal preparation, medication management, bathing and dressing are some of the various things you will train your assistant to do. This actually better than having to employ a home care agency or vendor which will control selection, scheduling and training of the aides provided and get to pay a bigger fee. You will be able to do all these step by step the best way possible and make sure everything is the way they are supposed to be for you sake of course.

Aides are supposed to have the qualifications to be allowed to do such work by being certified by a home care agency, a long term program that involves home care, AIDS home care program or personal care. Apart from that they should have a medical condition that is sound and be self-directing but, if not self-directing they should have a designated representative.

There is another merit in the CDPAP that allows aides to do care that requires specific skills but, if they cannot do them then a nurse will be required to perform of such nature. Suctioning tracheostomies, medication – maybe the consumer is not able to self-administer, oxygen administration and insulin injections are some of the tasks that need a bit of skill to perform.

More about aides is that they are not employees from a home care agency, they are almost like independent contractors who get paid in wages and get to benefit through fiscal intermediary. Aides get to engage in peer mentoring programs together with designees so that they can be educated into becoming better at their jobs.
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Case Study: My Experience With Businesses