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Why WordPress is Exceptional When it Comes to SEO

Creation of websites has become a common thing. People are creating websites daily. That makes the ranking on search engines very difficult. It is critical for you to know all you can about search engine optimization if you want to rank your website high.

SEO is believed to be complicated by many; however this is not true. Learning it is simple, and you too can understand everything about SEO. It is necessary for you to note the essence of the platform you use for your website. It turns out WordPress SEO is easy to master. Here are some things that make this platform perfect for search engine optimization.

WordPress Makes Speedy Websites
When you hear the term site speed, you might quickly confuse it with loading speed. However, these two are not the same. Site speed simply means the responsiveness of the website. WordPress happens to offer one of the most responsive sites. Both the website builder and the person using the site have a seamless experience navigating across the platform. This makes SEO a whole lot easier.

WordPress SEO Plugins
WordPress is one of the most dynamic as far as search engine optimization is concerned. It is possible to accomplish a lot just with the WordPress basics. Nonetheless, you will need a variety of plugins if you want to do more than sell content. These are just software additions that allow you to create anything you want out of your WordPress site.

Various Customizable Themes
WordPress is known for its open sourcing aspect. When you first install the WordPress application, you have a fair number of free themes that you can use. However, the company allows any developer who knows how to create a theme to make one and share it with the community. Naturally, these are themes you will have to pay for. The good thing is that you can use these themes to design a website that is optimized for SEO. The best part is that it allows your site to look unique and have its own feel.

Mobile Optimization
This is one of the greatest platforms preferred by both web builders and those surfing through the net. This is because their site is optimized for mobile phones. All this means is that you can build a simple WordPress site and access any website made using this platform on your mobile. You might need to a smartphone with at least 2GBs of RAM to create a site easily on this website. With WordPress’ mobile-friendly platform visitors to your website can easily navigate the site. This makes your ranking more favorable with Google and other search engines.

WordPress is loved by many, thanks to how easy it is to use. With these advantages in SEO, it is no wonder huge companies such as NASA and CNN use the platform for their websites.

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