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How to Pick Your Dog’s Boarding Facility

There will be times when your dog has to stay with pet boarding, as when you go on a trip or attend to some type of emergency. But how do you choose the right facility for your buddy?

Everyday Routine

First of all, ask the staff to describe what a usual day is like for the dogs in their facility. The canines must be given enough opportunities to expend their excess energy. Ask them about overnight care too.


Pick a place that offers stress-busting amenities, such as an open area where the pets can play with other pets. Even in the best facilities, dogs can still have difficulty coping with the new environment, especially within the first few days.


Ask them if the pets are being supervised by trained staff during group play. Doggos should never be left on their own to avoid accidents or confrontations that may result in injuries.

Sanitation and Size of Facility

Choosing a clean, disinfected facility is a must, if only to make sure that your doggo stays healthy and happy while you’re not around. This is one of the most important reasons to pick a place that is spacious enough to allow the free circulation of air. This will help control the spread of harmful microorganisms among the animals.

24/7 Staffing

Pick a facility that provides 24/7 care for the pets. Even when they’re not in play, pets should never be left alone. Someone should always be there, especially if there’s an emergency.

Staff Background

Make sure to choose a facility whose staff is well-trained and experienced in animal care. If they understand dogs and know how to take care of them, they will be able to respond to issues in the best manner.

Social Interaction

If you have very active and friendly dog, find him a facility that lets him engage with people and dogs outside the facility. Speak to the staff regarding your dog’s personality, and if he’s more of the quieter, small-group type, make sure you make that clear as well. Just because you’re away doesn’t mean your dog has to feel miserable.

General Medical Emergency Readiness

Ask them what they usually do in case of a general emergency and what policies they follow. In addition, find out which animal hospital they usually take the pets to when necessary.

Medical Care

If your dog has a medical condition, ask them whether their staff is trained in administering medications and if they are familiar with that particular condition. Lastly and very importantly, ask them if they are ready to respond to an emergency and whether a veterinarian will be on board 24/7.

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