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This is How to Fill a Jigsaw Puzzle Like an Expert Filling out jigsaw puzzles is an excellent way to spend your free time.It is not only good for your brain but can also significantly improve family time if it’s completed with help from family members.The only downside is that it’s sometimes hectic sorting and completing it, making it tiresome for some people who may choose to forego it altogether.But it doesn’t have to be so.You can easily learn it and become skilled even to the point of participating in competitions.Here are tips to help you in this regard. Select the Right Puzzle for Yourself If you choose the right type of puzzle you will enjoy filling it.It’s advisable to go for simpler puzzle pieces if you are a beginner. Your morale will receive a boost once you complete it and move to more advanced pieces. Prepare Your Working Area Well As you start, open up the puzzle box, remove all the pieces and lay them out on a flat surface such as a table or the floor.Make sure that you space that is sufficient to hold all the pieces. Upturn all the puzzle pieces.This will assist in the sorting as it will help you identify the pieces.
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Categorize the Pieces Sort the pieces into various groups depending on their shape, color and pattern.Edge pieces should be grouped together while the interior pieces are grouped in accordance with the shape and color on them.
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Begin Assembly of the Pieces Assemble the edge pieces first.Work inwards after placement of all the edge pieces. Patches of the same color may exist on the puzzle. Being careful to preserve shape and pattern place these pieces in the puzzle.The puzzle pieces normally contain knobs and holes that fit in the knobs.The presence of tabs and holes on the pieces ensure a perfect fit for the adjacent pieces without you having to exert any force on them. Finish Up Recognition of patterns of knobs and holes will facilitate a smooth working as you complete the puzzle.Confirm that you are doing the right thing by checking with the picture sample on the box. Avoid disrupting the shape of the entire puzzle by ensuring that the provided frame always stays in its place.Allow easy access to the puzzle by those filling it up with you in cases of family involvement, by placing the puzzle in the middle of the working area. Following these simple steps will drastically improve your speed when it comes to filling these puzzles while ensuring that you enjoy it as well. Why don’t you put it to the test and see that it actually works?