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Top 5 Benefits Of Cannabis Clones In the recent election, the majority of states in America voted to legalize the use of cannabis. The plant comes with several benefits. Well some people think it is just a drug and use it for medicinal purposes. And did it strike you that there are different types of cannabis plants? Well there two types of cannabis plants one of them is the grafted plant and the other is the seed based plant. In this article, we shall talk about the benefits of the cannabis clone. Cannabis clone The clone cannabis is the grafted version of the plant. To come up with one, you need to cut a section of an adult plant and then graft it to another.
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Even though the two forms of cannabis are similar, their differences are entrenched in many ways. For instance, one does not need any expertise to plant the seed plant. On the other hand, the grafted version needs a lot of skills to plant. Anyway, here are the benefits of the grafted cannabis plant the seed best cannabis.
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Benefits Of The Cannabis Clone Expiry The very first reason you should pick the clone marijuana is its shelf life. Not only is the clone handy, but it is also capable of withstanding harsh climatic conditions. The leaves are strong and cannot wither easily during hot seasons. This is a good thing to most vendors because they can sell the product over a long period. Many farmers save a lot of cash too because the products do not wither out or lose quality. Pests and diseases One of the greatest enemies to good farming is pests and diseases. But the clone cannabis can fight the majority of pests who try to attack in in the farm. Definitely, any plant that does not attract pests is a thumb up for farmers. Most farmers prefer the clone cannabis to any other variety because of its ability to fight pests and diseases. Different types The other reason why clone cannabis is far better than the other varieties is the ability to produce different types of the same plants. You see by cloning you can modify the plant to have more produces. Unlike during insect pollinations, cloning or grafting lets you pick the best plant and then use it to reproduce more. This is better than genetically modifying plants because it has nothing to do with GMO. Stronger plant Then, the clone cannabis plant is stronger than any other variety. It is drought resistant and does not break easily. In equal measure, this is a good trait for the consumer, seller and farmer. Again, the vendor earns the benefit in that he or she does not lose anything for any broken leaves or plants. Thus, the quality of the cannabis clones remains high for a long period.