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A Buying Guide to Help You Pick the Best Skate Shoes

Skateboard shoes are designed to protect you when you are trying new tricks with your skateboard and this article will guide when you are choosing the best skate shoes.

One of the greatest difference between other shoes an skateboard shoes is the durability. This is important to protect your legs when doing hard landings. Therefore, you may want to search for skate shoes that have strong and thick rubber soles especially on the outside toe area.

Any good skate shoe will have impact protection build in the sole of the shoe so as to offer more protection particularly in the heel area. Also, look out for skate shoes that have extra layers on the heel as well as the toe cap.

Skate shoes are made from different materials including suede, synthetic, action leather and full-grain leather. Skateboard shoes made out of leather have the most durability and provide the better grip. Hence, your choice of a skate shoes should depend on the grip and durability of the material used to make it.
Before you make any buying decision. Know your seller and ensure that they are reputable and reliable. Go through the feedback of previous customers so that you will know if the store is capable of meeting your requirements. Also, get to know the return policies of the seller particularly if you are buying the shoes online. Similarly, ask about their shipping charges, because you don’t want to pay excessive fees for the product to be delivered to your door.

If it is your first time trying out a new pair of skater shoes, ask the seller to provide you with a shoe size chart that shows the sizes of different skate shoes. Getting the right fit is paramount, since a larger skate shoe will keep sliding in and out during the movement while a smaller shoe will cause discomfort, injuries, and blisters to your feet. Remember to try on the shoes with the skater socks because the shoe fit may vary with the type of socks worn.

Choose skater shoes that are stitched to the outside rather than ones that are glued. Stitched shoes will offer extra protection and they are highly durable compared to shoes that have just been held together by glue.

Skating shoes that have dual cushioning comes in handy for skaters who perform flying tricks. This is important for skaters who perform high flying movements as the force is transferred to the right areas.

Another thing to look for is the sole of the shoe, whether it is vulcanized or cupsole. Vulcanized skate shoes have less weight, thin soles and offer great flexibility for skateboarders who perform technical flip tricks while cupsoles are heavy and bulky.

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