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Dr. Moshe Kantor’s Leadership and Philanthropic Life

In Europe, Dr. Moshe Kantor is one of the most influential Jewish Leader who has taken up the leadership role in revitalizing the Jewish life in Europe and beyond through his charitable forums and leadership skills.

Being the leader of the International Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe, a non-governmental organization, Dr. Kantor has attracted other prominent leaders to take up the duty of preventing the spread of atomic weapons.

The goal of this association is to give meaningful advice on the present status quo in different regions such as the Middle East, Korean Peninsula and South Asia to their presidents, representatives as well as scholars.

Dr. Viatecheslav Moshe Kantor launched an NGO known as European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation in Europe 2008, where he advocates for tolerance and reconciliation all over the world.

Being the leader of this independent body, Dr. Moshe Kantor together with other world-renowned leaders seek to find concrete solutions to bring different people who belong to different religious conviction and cultural beliefs on the continent together. Using this organization, Kantor has been advocating for greater endurance and fighting discrimination and nationalism in addition to anti-Semitism.

Since 2007, Dr. Kantor has been the president of the European Jewish Congress having been re-elected in the year 2012 and 2016. All this time, Dr. Moshe Kantor has been airing out the grievances of the European Jewry, tries to uplift the lives of the Jewish people as well as encouraging people to live in harmony through EJC.

This foundation has also enabled the young generation to research about their art, music, and literature at the Kantor Centre for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry which he established in 2010 at the Tel-Aviv University.

Dr. Moshe Kantor respects Holocaust Education, and it is for this reason he founded the two Holocaust memorial conferences which are the World Holocaust Forum and the European Jewish Fund. These two organizations aim to commemorate the disastrous events that occurred in the 20th century. Further to that, the European Jewry take pride in their existence and through the support of Dr. Moshe Kantor, they are improving their lives.

Apart from that, Dr. Moshe Kantor is a generous man who supports causes he is passionate about worldwide. It is for that reason, he has founded various forums on the continent which include the Kantor Charitable Foundation which he launched in 2007. What’s more, he is at the forefront ensuring that the revolutionary work for youngsters, young generation and their relatives who are living through mental disorders will continue in a new drive through the Anna Freud Centre that he built.

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