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What Makes a Great Leader?

Any business or organization that want to thrive today must have great leaders. The growth of any society is largely influenced by various leaders in the government, non-governmental sectors and private sector. To be successful in business, you need a great idea and the capability of assembling the right team. The idea also has to be implemented and this can only be done when the team has a great leader.

Finding new and unique ideas is easier said than done. In most cases, companies simply improve on the products that are already existing in the market. However, for an organization to be successful, it needs both the right product and leaders. As a leader, you will be a key resource in your organization. Leaders can determine whether or not their companies will succeed both in the short and long run.

Great leaders are committed to developing their employees. When employees are supported by their leaders and the organization at large, they become more efficient, increase their output and develop better products. The overall success of an organization will be determined by these factors. For this reason, it is important for organizations to appoint individuals with great leadership skills to the top management.

One of the key factors that determine whether an organization will achieve its objectives is team-work. As a great manager, you need to positively influence your team members to accomplish specific tasks that will take your business forward. The managers also help the top management in ensuring the various departments of the business are working as required.

Below is an overview of some characteristics that make good leaders.

i) Working with others
One of the ways of building trust in your organization is by being transparent in your projects. As a leader, you should be genuinely interested in the participation and welfare of your team members. As a result, the team members usually support the leaders in doing specific tasks that may be required.

ii) They have vision
Another trait that good leaders have is that they are realists. Still, the leaders are visionary. The art of balancing practicality and visionary is a trait that most of the leaders have. The leaders work hand-in-hand with employees to achieve their organization’s visions. However, the leaders also engage in purposeful motivation and are alive to the present realities.

iii) Can positively influence the team
Influence is the last trait that great leaders have. Influence does not mean being an authoritarian. Being influential makes it easy for other employees to follow what you tell them to do. In today’s digital age, there are new rules of influence. Listening more than talking will make you influential.

The above are three qualities that make a good leader.

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